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I am a custom hand engraver based in Zvolen, Slovakia.

Drawing, painting and crafts are my passions since childhood. Thanks to many years of art lessons in visual arts and pottery I was able to refine my creativity and proficiency. However, only in hand engraving did I find the perfect blend of techniques that I felt right to devotedly develop for a living.

I acquired my basic engraving apprenticeship at COPT in Uherský Brod (affiliated with Česká Zbrojovka). This apprenticeship is just the foundation of my constant learning, endless experimentation and continual pushing of boundaries. My goal has always been to reach my limits.

I execute my engravings with the highest artistic aspiration to produce a timeless work of art. When engraving metals and precious metals, I apply the methods of flat lines, deep reliefs, “bulino” dots and lines, gold inlays, and multicolour inlays.